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Vehicle 2G GPS Tracker 

Amatrac AM-T22 

Live 2G GPS Tracking OBDII Real Time Location With Security Alerts 
Discreet & Inconspicuous 
As it is so small and compact, it will not be obvious to potential thieves that this OBD device is a high quality, real-time tracker keeping tabs on your car. As they won’t be suspicious, your vehicle will remain protected.. 
GPS 24/7 Live Monitoring 
Track your vehicle, no matter what time of day or wherever you are in the vehicle or not. Easily monitor your vehicle in real-time and get instant notifications of any event. You are constantly connected and can know what is happening at all times with your vehicle. It is also possible to set up boundaries for restricted vehicle travel. 
Anti Theft & Tamper Alarms 
Alerts sent to you via your smartphone if movement is detected. Also should the device be tampered with such as being removed from the OBDII port. Invaluable when leaving your car parked up or unattended. Then track your vehicle should it be stolen. 
Life Time Tracker Monitoring 
This includes use of the Amatrac GPS website and the smartphone app. Either way you can see exactly where your vehicle is at any time and watch its progress. In real time the location will be pinpointed accurately and rapidly. Both platforms are completely free for you to use. 
Technical Details 
GSM Freq 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 
GPS Chipset MTK High Sensitivity Chip 
Location Accuracy <10 meters 
Tracking Sensitivity -165dBm 
Acquisition Sensitivity -148dBm 
Working Voltage/Current 9-36VDC/32mA(12VDC) 
OBDII Standard Port 
Tracksolid App (NOT Tracksolid Pro) 
Web Platform 
In The Box 
AM-T22 GPS Tracker 
SIM Card 
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