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The best little camera you will ever find. 
- Michele 
So far it is great and easy to use. 
- Samarie 
For the price its a great camera to have. I decided to install it on the back window and sure enough i already had it save my ass on court bc an ahole hit me in the back and we saw he was on the phone. Thanks !!  
The quality of the dash cam is very good. We will be able to use this while we are traveling. 
- Pat 
Great buy for the money. No complaints. Worked as advertised right out of the box 
- Richard 
Great little camera. Going though the familiarization process now. Picked up a micro SD chip (32 GB Class 10). Camera is now installed. time and date set. Almost intuitive. Instructions a bit sparse and am still looking for the "REC" button referenced in the manual. If this camera proves out as good as promised, I will be ordering more - one for each of our vehicles. RVG 
- Ron 
This camera is great! It arrived quickly and was packed very well. The camera is compact and comes with power supply that is long enough to position where you'd like it. I'm not terribly tech savvy but this was super easy to use! The picture quality is great and easy to view the footage on my PC. I'm very happy with the quality and cost. It was money well spent and I would definitely recommend it to friends. I think they could make a great gift idea!! 
- Lisa 
This is an amazing Dash Camera. It was very easy to set up. The quality is great and the camera's mounting bracket is sturdy so it's perfect for recording while you drive, no matter how rough the road is. Also, the Auto Start Recording feature is really convenient. I got this for my dad on his birthday, and he loves it. 
- Alex S. 
I love the camera! It offers a wide field of view but still is very small and doesn't take up much room on the wind shield. Luckily, I haven't had to use this camera for any incidents, but if it did, it provides great video, quality and can read license plates. 
- Brian B. 
Great product and excellent price! I am terrible, when it comes to gadgets, BUT this one was made for me. 
It was easy to instal, set up and start using. 
Picture quality is very good and reviewing on my laptop was a breeze. Very happy and satisfied with the purchase of this item and highly recommend to others. Especially to those who are not tech savvy. 
- Mary M. 
This is my first dashcam and so far I am satisfied. Apart from being small, it is easy to use despite the instructions lacking clarity. The suction cup works well so far and image quality seems good. The power cable is long allowing flexibility when concealing and though the camera slides in a grove to be held in place which I am not fond of, so far it has not fallen off. For memory, I am using Samsung Electronics 32GB Micro SDHC with Adapter Up to 24MB/s Class 6 Memory Card (MB-MS32DA/AM) and I have had no issues so far. 
- O. K. M. 
Great camera. Mount at camera may be weakest part. Still the best all around for the dollar. Quick delivery. 
- Brent A 
This was purchased for my husband who drivers over the road. I thought it would be good protection for him. It works great. 
- Trudi 
Camera works perfectly - you do have to purchase a MicroSD card to make it record, but I knew that going in and purchased them together so they arrived on the same day (from different sellers). Easy to set up. The menu is not intuitive, but you can download the user manual and it very simply walks you through the steps to program the camera the way you want.  
- AP 
Very nice. I used the video capture on the 32GB card I ordered with this car cam and what a view on my Transformer(Asus). Thanks for this one. 
- Kevin 
The camera is compact and unobtrusive. Setup menus were easy to navigate. I like having a screen image visible in the car as it helps with aiming the camera. It has so far worked flawlessly. I liked it so much, that I got a second camera to monitor the rear window as well. 
- Thomas 
Great product. Good quality..easy to set up and use..clear picture..I looked at lot of these and this one was the best...going to get the husband one for his truck.... 
- Vickie 
Great dash cam. Fits nicely under the review mirror. The cord is long enough to run around the windshield as to not obstruct your vision. It was easy to setup and is equally easy to down load the video to a computer. I haven't experienced any problems. 
- Elizabeth 
Works as expected. Very happy. Good Suction Cup too. 
- Adam 
Great; thanks. 
- Eric 
The unit works as advertised. The set up was easy and I like its "stealth" feature - hiding behind the rear view mirror. I give it a 5-star mainly due to the customer service. 
- John 
Darn good camera. Does not move or slip off my windshield. The pictures are not as grainy as I thought they would be. Nice clear pictures in the daytime. I did purchase another for my back window. I have a car and a truck and they are very easy to move from one vehicle to another. 
- David 
It works well so far and has clear quality. It'll do the job for insurance purposes and will definitely give you peace of mind when driving. 
- Jozef 
Amacam is a very concerned and focused company who spend a lot of time making sure you are satisfied and that your purchasing experience with them has been pleasant and of value. Amacam does the whole process of item description, order placement, shipping, follow up and documentation as it should be done! I would not hesitate to purchase again from Amacam. If you have been looking at other cameras available from Amazon you will notice that Amacam is the only company that consistently answers and responds to customer inquiries sometimes even before they purchase. Their exemplary customer service begins even before you are a customer! This is how customers should be treated and, unfortunately, is extremely rare these days. Tanya Steel is representative of the people at Amacam who remember how companies attract and retain long term customers. 
- Daniel 
Awesome little dash cam. Put it right under my rear view mirror and its hardly noticeable. Works perfectly. 
- David D 
Video quality excellent. 
- Amrit 
Fast delivery and received email with instructions and numbers provided for help if needed which I haven't needed yet. Easy enough to set up and works great so far. Very happy with this purchase. 
- Shelly 
This cam works as described, fits well behind my rear view mirror not visible from driver seat and hardly noticeable from outside. The wire is small enough to fit under headliner to hide it. It's nice to have a witness with you at all times incase you had some incident needing one. I run it all the time and if there is a reason to replay and copy any event recorded I can just burn it on a disc With time stamp on the video. It's been working fine now for well over a month. 
- Steve 
Camera great recording. Seller delivered as promised. Will return to buy another soon. Thank you again 
- Brent 
Awesome Is just what I need it and easy to manage. 
- Alex 
Arrived new in Box as advertised. So far, the camera is functioning as advertised. I have it on 1080, the the quality is very good. I like the small size. It fits right behind the rear view mirror. Thinking of getting a 2nd one for my daughter 
- Victor 
Arrived on time. Setup took only 3 minutes with the included instructions. Now I can sit in the car and forget it's there until I need the video! This was probably the simplest dash cam to configure and install! 
- Jacob 
Compact and easily hidden, easy to use, easy video playback, settings and great quality. Love this dash cam and BEST features and HD quality for the money. 
- Charles 
I bought this recently and have installed it now. It works perfectly. The camera is very crisp and clear. 
The documentation/user manual that came with the product was not well written. But other customers who also bought this product were very helpful. I emailed AMACAM and they emailed a detailed user manual. 
- Rasiah 
Good little recording events toy for the car. picture is acceptable and clear 
- Mehran 
This is a great little "dash cam" - they weren't joking about it being the smallest on the market. It takes up minimal space on my windshield. I had another make in the past and this one is far better. Good clear screen and super easy to use. It comes with an in car power supply long enough to give enough room for optimal positioning. It comes on once you start your car, which is great since I can't see the unit. It's good to know that every drive is recorded. This camera features a true 120 degree field of view, which is exactly what I wanted because that means the field of vision is just as wide as a person's eyes. The video quality is the best - you can clearly see license plates from the footage in daylight, and the audio picks up well. I haven't had a chance to test the unit's ability to record plates at night, but so far, this has been an awesome purchase. 
- T.S. 
I wish I had this camera sooner!!! Last month someone cut me off, driving on Interstate 95, and it caused a collision btw that car and a car on the left lane. When he cut me off, he swerved to the left and actually hit another car. 
I provided my contact info to the driver of the damaged car, but like I said, if I had the camera it would have been a better evidence. As they say, 1 picture worth thousand words. 
Anyway, I have it now and with 32gig card I will be recording every trip I make. I tested and camera is superb 
Thanks and highly recommend!!! 
- Rob 
Everything was as represented, and the camera works brilliantly. I am very satisfied and will recommend the product to my enthusiast friend drivers. 
- Louis 
Good dash cam, works well and easy to set up for the most part. It records in about 3 min increments so it's easy to look for a specific time to look up from the recordings. And with the SD card I used it holds up to 6 hours of video. Overall very happy with it. 
- Henry 
Great camera at a good price. The videos from this camera appear to be true HD and are easily downloaded to the computer and uploaded to FB. 
- KT 
Great product. I have it located in the top left of my windshield and its not even noticable from outside. Great day time quality video and pictures. 
- Neal 
Good cam and easy to set up. Mount could be better, hard to fully hide behind rear view mirror despite small cam size. 
- Brian 
It keeps working and working. Pretty simple to assembly and install and ¬°It does the job! Great product. 
- Ruben 
Quick shipping and a very compact camera. Thanks. 
- Tom 
I received the camera in 2 days and it works great. Thanks. 
- William 
Have test this wonderful yet simple to use dash can, and the results are stunning for a simple and small cam. 
- PD 
The cam works as described, I have it mounted behind my rearview mirror up high on the windshield not noticeable inside the cab and hardly noticeable from outside very nice design seems to work well so far. 
- Steve 
- Vadim 
I think for the money this camera is an excellent value. The setup is easy, the instructions that come with the camera are readable, and the camera is small and looks good in my car. There is also a link to an online manual that is honest-to-god english and not translated Chinese. I have bought other car video cameras from other sellers where the included manual made me laugh. The menu system on this camera is easy and makes sense and gives you a lot of options. I love this camera and I'm sending it back and here's why; i need really good resolution which is going to end up costing me a lot more than the $59 i paid for this camera and whatever i get will be quite a bit bigger. The video is smoothe, the timestamp is unobtrusive and field of view is excellent. Although this might be a minor point for most people, the packaging was very good also. Like when you buy a nice Cannon camera, its like that. The best part of this experience is when i emailed Amacam tech support to see if there was a firmware upgrade available because of the resolution i was requiring. I got a well thought out response from Sophie, one of their customer support reps that brought tears to my eyes. Well, not really but i was very impressed. Stellar customer service. This camera is worth giving a try and you will have nothing to lose for checking it out; 30 day no questions asked return policy. Sweet. 
- Steve 
This is the best thing since sliced bread. Remember the good ole' days when you had a fender bender and each person got out of the car and said they were sorry and then asked if they could pay out of pocket or if they should call the insurance. No more.. Now every little ding is a "sore neck" and classified as an "injury accident" so some lowlife taker can collect money from your insurance and leave you with a higher premium and 2 points off your driver's license. Having had 3 such incidents in my family in the last year and a half, I decided that enough is enough and got this little beauty to document my driving so that the idiot that caused the accident and later changes the story and develops a "sore neck" can never again plague me or my family with their "taker" mentality. NO MORE! This camera runs the whole time you are driving. With a 32MB microSD (not included) it runs for about 18 hrs. It loops to record over the oldest file so you will never miss the idiot that when you least expect it, plough you. The videos look great HD, It records sound (you can turn it off if you want). Even if you have you forget to have it record it will automatically start recording when it senses an evasive maneuver such as sudden braking or swerving or sudden acceleration. It would be nice if it could record 360 but as it is it records 140 degrees which in most cases is enough and clearly better than "he says, she says". Until I got my Amacam I was afraid to drive; not because I was afraid that I would be physically hurt but because I kept seeing people drive like idiots and I was wondering when the next one was going to hit me, lie about it, develop a "sore neck" and blame it on me. Now I am calm. If I cause an accident I am ready and willing to take responsibility as I always have. But from now on I will not be held captive by those that see every fender bender as an opportunity. Thank you Amcam. 
- Linda 
High quality for the price. No trouble setting up or using. Company sent manual by email! 
- RV 
Awesome camera, even the night vision is very good for such an inexpensive little camera! 
- Edward 
Had a problem with the power cord, contacted seller and they had a new one here within days. Very impressed with service. 
- Gerald 
A great little cam! The camera itself is a bargain and works as advertised, does the job just fine. 
- Druiz 
Quality product. Many features for a dash cam. A little detailed setup. But just like a GPS - has to be removed and hidden when parking. 
- Michael 
Works great, better than expected. A little fuzzy on some of the programing stet up, but I'll figger it out. 
- Lloyd 
This camera is awesome. Plugs into computer as camera or drive, on Linux or Windows. 
- Pierre 
Great service, good product. The overwrite of aged captures was not working on the unit. The amacam support team followed up on my inquiry very fast. They resolved the issue very satisfactorily. Don't hesitate at all in purchasing an amacam product! 
- Michael 
This camera performed as advertised! For it's price, it has very good HD quality video. The downloaded manual was very helpful. I haven't used it long-term but my initial impression is WOW - for the price, it over-performs! 
- TS 
Good product and on time. 
- Luis 
Good product. 
- Cristi 
I am very pleased with the condition of this product and the and the speed of the delivery. I plan to order from them again. 
- Shawn 
The item arrived on time and the menu was already set to English language so it was easy to configure. I got it installed at no time. The video quality it super good and clear. 
- Mohammed 
Works well since settings adjusted as per manual. Initially would not record over old files until motion sense option was turned on. Works perfectly now. Mount is great as well. 
- Loren 
Item arrived on schedule and as described. Nicely done! 
- David 
Does a great job. 
- SE 
Customer service, via email, very helpful and responsive, Camera is working well. I like the size and ease of install...moving between vehicles. 
- Ed 
Great Camera thank you. 
- Alex 
Great product. Works as described. Plug and play. Lots of features and options. 
- Scott 
For the price, this camera is excellent! It records hi-def video that is easy to play back on computer. The only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars: The bracket could be redesigned so the cam is mounted higher & closer to windshield. Otherwise, it's a quality cam provided it lasts. 
- Todd 
I received the item promptly & everything is what the seller advertised. It seems like an excellent product & I look forward to getting good use out of it. 
- Allen 
I gave this a 5 star review for its affordable price, solid quality for the price (compared with my old one which was a similar price), nice set of options, acceptable video quality, ease of use, understandable instructions, and the fact that I just love this little thing! Gives me piece of mind driving around this madness they call Phoenix. 
- Bills 
Works as advertised. Really good image quality. 
- TT 
We thought 'customer service' was a 'thing of the past'. Thank you for proving us wrong. 
- Curt 
This item surprised me, simple and easy to use. 1st thing you must have a SD card, a 16 or 32gb should be ok, have not yet tried it with a 32gb yet. 2nd the video is almost flawless, and 3rd it loop records, no troubles.. Plug in your 12v source and go, I recommend this to anyone who wants a piece of mind, not only in car but other security settings as well..... Hurry and buy yours today!!! 
- Deon 
This camera is working great.I love it. Arrived in 2 days and was easy to install and program. Go on line and down load the instruction manual. You will be glad you did. Power cord was nice and long. 
- Richard 
Fast shipping. Great transaction. Thank you. :) 
- Lenn 
So far the item seems to work very well, except that I'm having trouble getting a 64 GB card to work properly. This does not bother me, I can live with the 32 GB card and I do like the size of the camera. If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive dash cam that has good video quality, I suggest this one. - James 
I just purchased this camera. Thus far I am impressed and excited of its use. 
- Stan 
This is a very nice camera that was easy to setup and use. 
- David 
Awesome product, even at night using vehicle headlights. Fats Ship and great seller follow up to ensure I had the manual. 
- Gary 
My AMM80 was awesome! 
- Ace 
I like the Dash Cam very much. 
- Gerald 
The Dash Cam is the best I have found in the marketplace. Positives: 1) Automatic function works well. On with ignition, Off after turning off the car. 2) Zoom function allows for catching close up action, when desired. 3) Loop Recording means you are never 'not recording'. 
- CD 
Arrived early and in perfect condition. As advertised. 
- William 
Five Stars. It gives me a great sense of security. 
- GS 
Product exactly as advertised. 5 Stars! 
- Michael 
Great service, good product. The overwrite of aged captures was not working on the unit. The amacam support team followed up on my inquiry very fast. They resolved the issue very satisfactorily. Don't hesitate at all in purchasing an amacam product! 
- Michael 
Cool camera. 
- Joel 
Wonderful clear pictures, great camera. bought 2 of these Cameras 1 for the front and rear. The clarity of the pictures are great, no shake or judder. They are very easy to set-up and use until you want to alter the settings and then it starts to get very tricky. If you want to leave them on the default setting you will be just fine. Good instructions manual and great photos, yes I would recommend anyone to buy these cameras. 
- Robert 
Excellent ! 
- BGO 
Got my dash cam on time,still studying the futures but love the resolutions so far Thanks 
- Charity 
Good Dash Cam for the money. Excellent customer service. I had a few questions & they responded promptly. 
- Michael 
Really good cam. well satisfied. 
- John 
Great cam arrived on time and very clear pictures. 
- C.A. 
I've got guickly and i have not as of yet to install in car i did check to make sure it comes on and its very clear cant say about darkness i only plan on using during daylite very satisfied. 
- AL 
Very pleased with my purchase and delivery of the product. The camera is excellent for the price that I paid very pleased with operation of Cam and its easy to use options. I would recommend this product to my family and friends. 
- James 
Perfect little camera. Not in the way and performs great. 
- Ari 
Downloaded the instructional manual from online like it says to. So far i like it. Its small, takes up lil space, swivels so i can point it out my windows if needed, wish i had gotten one sooner. 
- Mahala 
Good product. Worth the price. Somewhat challenging at first to get it set up, but no big deal. After a little "hands on" time - everything is good. 
- Daryl 
Camera works great, was missing a piece, i emailed support, they replied next day with clip on the way!! Support alone was worth the price! 
- Kevin 
Great experience, receive the product the next day and product worked great so far. 
- Steve 
Simple and Effective. It works well so far and has clear quality. It'll do the job for insurance purposes and will definitely give you peace of mind when driving. It's small, compact, and easy to move around and use in whatever vehicle you may be using. 
- Eyedol 
So far, so good. Nice picture, easy to use and setup. 
- Keith 
Camera works better than expected. Very happy with this camera. 
- TM 
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